Minutes of the AGM held 12th May 2008


Present:- Cllrs:- R. Brixton, E. Davey, I. Whelpton, W. Crampin, Mrs S. Hargreaves, A. Tulloch 

In Attendance:- Ward Cllr D. Wells & Mrs L. Underwood (Clerk) 

  1. Apologies Ward Cllrs P. Clark & J. Wardle
  1. Minutes of the AGM 2007  - These were agreed a correct record and signed as such.
  1. Matters Arising There were no matters arising from these minutes.
  1. Election of Chair Cllr Brixton was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hargreaves, seconded by Cllr Whelpton and agreed that Cllr Brixton be Chair for the year 2008-2009
  1. Election of Vice Chair Cllr Davey was proposed by Cllr Whelpton seconded Cllr Mrs Hargreaves and agreed.
  1. Financial statement & summary of receipts & payments The financial statement showed a balance of 280.72 current account & 1268.11 premium account a Total of 1,548.83 as at 31st March 2008 held at Barclays Bank. The accounts were approved and adopted.
    Village Fund- Cllr Crampin gave an explanation of the village fund and will find out the rules & regulations for the July parish council meeting.

   7.    Comments of parishioners There were none.