13TH JULY 2009.


Minutes of the meeting held Monday 13th July 2009.


Present:- In the chair Cllr R. Brixton, Cllrs:- W. Crampin, A. Tulloch, Mrs Hargreaves, Mrs. Spink, P. Grainger

In Attendance:- Ferry Ward Cllr P. Clark, Mrs L. Underwood (clerk) 

  1. Apologies            Apologies were received from Ward Cllrs J. Wardle 7 D. Wells

Mr L. Collins from SWAT  Saxby Wold Against Turbines was invited to express the views of SWAT to the

 proposed application for a wind farm.   The chair thanked Mr. Collins for attending. 

2. Declarations of interest

There were no declarations 

3. Public participation

No public present 

4. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held 11th May 2009 were proposed as correct by Cllr Crampin, seconded Cllr Grainger

and approved. 

5. Matters arising

i. Dog control order- The clerk had been informed that dog control orders will be reviewed in September.

ii. Dog bins it was agreed to drop the issue

iii. Cllr Grainger had drafted a petition for the footpath along the A1077 Cllrs approved the text.

iv. Goxhill Road dyke hardly any markers left Cllr Clark will investigate 

6. Community Emergency plan

It was suggested and agreed that it should be on parish headed paper, the chair will design. Cllr Brixton also

Suggested and it was agreed, that the letter be passed by the emergency team and then distribution can be decided

at the next meeting.

To note :- The new Red Cross link for the village will be Mrs Holmes, 5. Burnham Lane. 

7. Highway & transport

Hedges need cutting on Station Road, the clerk will write to the residents. 

8. Environmental issues

None raised 

9. Correspondence

i. Saxby Wold Wind Farm, The council voted on writing with objections 3 for, 1 against & 1abstained

ii. Barton Police poster

iii. NLC licensing

Correspondence received after the agenda was set.

i.                     The gating order at Thornton Abbey is not proceeding

ii.                   Village sos

10. Finance

Thornton Hunt hire of room 10.00

Mr. A. James grass cutting 140.00

  It was proposed, seconded & agreed that cheques be signed for these two items. 

11. Village matters

The T junction sign on Main Street is obscured, the clerk will inform NLC 

12 Date & time of next meeting

The next parish council meeting will be held Monday 7th September 2009 at 8.00pm in the Thornton Hunt Inn