11TH MAY 2009.


Minutes of the meeting held Monday 11th May 2009


Present:- In The Chair Cllr. R. Brixton; Cllrs :- P. Grainger, W. Crampin, I. Whelpton, Mrs P. Spink,

1. Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Mrs. S. Hargreaves & A. Tulloch & Ward Cllr D. Wells

2. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations.

3. Public Participation

There were no members of the public present.

4. Minutes of the previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held 2nd March 2009 were proposed by Cllr Whelpton, seconded Cllr Crampin and approved.

5. Matters Arising

i.                     Electronic road sign

ii.                   Dog control order – the clerk will contact Nth Lincs

iii.                  Dog bins – the clerk will investigate.

iv.                 Station Farm Barn –no further progress

v.                   Footpath adjacent to 1077- a petition would be the best way forward Cllr Grainger will initiate

vi.                 Dyke on Goxhill Road – the ward councillors are looking into the matter

vii.                Grass cutting – a quote received from A. James £35.00 per cut. After much discussion Cllr Crampin proposed, seconded Cllr Mrs Spink that this quote be accepted. The clerk will inform Mr James.

viii.              NLC to spray footpath on Station Road as growth is already coming through.


6. Community Emergency Plan

Mrs Couch & Mr. Williams are willing to be involved. Cllrs Brixton, Spink & Grainger will form the emergency team. Cllr Mrs Spink pointed out that a resident of Burnham is needed; the Chair will ask Mr. Prince. It was agreed it is for the chair to decide when an emergency has occurred.

7. Highways & Transport

No issues raised

8. Planning

There were no items of planning.

9. Environmental Issues

There were none raised.

10. Correspondence

i. Draft strategic plan

ii. Humberside Airport

iii. Rural housing survey posters

iv. Public sector equality duties –noted

v. NLC Debt & housing advice

vi. ICO

 11. Payments & Finance

Thornton Hunt Inn £10.00 hire of room Allianz Insurance £301.21 Clerks Honorarium £375.00

It was agreed cheques be signed for these amounts

 12. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held July 13th 2009 at 8.00pm in the Thornton Hunt Inn