2ND MARCH 2009.


Minutes of the meeting held Monday 2nd March 2009 

Present:- In The Chair Cllr R. Brixton, Cllrs:- W. Crampin, P. Grainger, I. Whelpton, Mrs S. Hargreaves, Mrs P. Spink, A. Tulloch

In Attendance:- Ward Cllr J. Wardle; Mrs L. Underwood (Clerk) 

  1. Apologies – Apologies were received and accepted from Ward Cllrs P. Clark & D. Wells
  1. Declarations of Interest- There were no declarations
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting held 12th January 2009 were agreed a correct record and signed as such.
  1. Matters Arising – i. Dog control order – the clerk in touch with NLC, an additional dog bin has been requested by a parishioner. Previously the parish council has been told that a new bin would have to be purchased. The location and numbers  of our present bins will be verified.

 ii. Station Access – ongoing

iii. A1077 footpath -The chair read out a negative response from P. Scott, although residents of Wootton remember a footpath, we are unable to find any proof, the chair will write to G. Popple.

            iv. Goxhill Road – Cllr P. Clark was investigating, in his absence the item will be on the next agenda

            v. C.E. Flyer- on notice board

            vi. Freedom of Information Act- The Chair has published all information on the web.

            vii. P.C.T. single equality scheme – Cllr Grainger will submit a response.

            viii. Communities & Local Government Publicity Proposals – Cllr Grainger will submit a response. 

  1. Village Matters-sub committee- Cllr Grainger had drafted a letter to residents, the parish council discussed the draft letter and agreed to add ‘any equipment or skills’ to the request for assistance.

A Community Emergency team will be set up, subject to the individual’s agreement:- suggested committee J. Hargreaves, C. Spink, C. Couch, A. Tulloch, The Landlord of the Thornton Hunt & the Chair of the Parish Council. This item will be on the next agenda. 

6.            Highways & Transport.- There has been an electronic speed control at Croxton, the clerk will request one at Thornton.

       The grips on Burnham Road are too deep NLC should return and repair, also a lump of tarmac in Station Road needs clearing, and weeds are coming up through the footpath. 

7.      Planning  LDF pre submission consultation – nothing in Thornton Curtis. 

8.      Environmental Issues  

9.       Correspondence

      i. Nats minutes

      ii. Standards information

      iii. Barnados letter read out

      iv. Npower – site visit to Knabs Ridge Wind Farm

      v. Grass cutting Cllr Mrs Spink will investigate the possibility of cutting ‘in house’. 

10.      Payments – It was agreed a cheque be signed for the hire of the room £10.00 

11. Date & Time of Next Meeting –The next meeting will be the A.G.M. to be held at 7.30pm in the Thornton Hunt Inn on Monday 11th May 2009 to be followed immediately be the May Parish Council Meeting.