Minutes of the meeting held Monday 12th January 2009


Present: In the chair Cllr R. Brixton, Cllrs:- W. Crampin, I. Whelpton, Mrs S. Hargreaves, A. Tulloch, P. Grainger

In Attendance:- Ferry Ward Cllr P. Clark, Mrs L. Underwood (clerk)


  1. Apologies

 Apologies were received from Cllr D. Wells

  1. Declarations of Interest

 There were no declarations

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  The minutes of the meeting held November 2008 were approved and signed as a correct record.

  1. Matters arising.

i.        Community Emergency plan – to be discussed later

ii.       Dog control order –clerk dealing with this item

iii.     Station access –clerk contacting the land registry

iv.     Parish council vacancy – Mrs Spink has expressed an interest, proposed Cllr Tulloch, seconded Cllr Mrs Hargreaves and agreed Mrs Spink be co-opted to fill the vacancy.

v.      Letter of thanks to E. Davey – done

  1. Village matters

  RDPE Leader programme –there is an availability of funding; it was thought the PCC may be interested.

  BCCRP – Cllr Grainger had experienced problems with train cancellations in fact he had been left at a station with a complete lack of information. He immediately wrote a letter of complaint but a reply was not received within the stated 20days, although he did eventually receive an explanation and apology.

Cllr Brixton reported that the staffing problem was hopefully resolved. However on the Thornton Abbey to Barton link it was noted that the fares are not always collected so there is an under-reporting of passenger numbers.

  Community Emergency Plan – Cllr Grainger has reviewed the plan and parts are not applicable to the parish. The plan was discussed and agreed a plan should be in place. Cllr Grainger will orchestrate what will happen and it was agreed to set up a sub committee. Cllr Grainger and Cllr Mrs Hargreaves will sit on the sub committee.

  1. Highways & transport

   Station Road footpath is now completed and there have been positive responses from users.

   Wootton to Thornton footpath along 1077 –the chair has been in contact with S. Harrison who is adamant there has never been a footpath; Cllr Brixton will continue to press for a result

   Goxhill Road –dyke excavated (Cllr Mrs Hargreaves declared an interest) it was agreed the road was rather dangerous Cllr Clark will raise the issue with North Lincs.

  1. Correspondence

i.        N.L. PCT single equality scheme consultation process –Cllr Grainger will review

ii.       Humberside airport

iii.     Nats minutes –next meeting 29th January at South Killingholme

iv.     Communities in control

v.      S. McIsaac –re post office card accounts

vi.     Freedom of information act 

vii.   CE Electric leaflet

viii.  Wootton parish council flooding on Elsham Road –Chair will deal with this

ix.     LDF consultation –CD


  1. Finance & Payments

   Thornton Hunt £10.00 hire of room agreed a cheque be signed

   Parish precept – The clerk gave a breakdown of the bank accounts and the setting of the precept was discussed. It was proposed seconded and agreed that the precept remain at £1,000.00

   BCCRP membership fee £10.00 it was agreed a cheque be signed.

  1. Date of next meeting

   The next meeting of Thornton Parish Council will be held Monday 2nd March 2009 at 8.00pm in the Thornton Hunt Inn