Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting held 17th August 2009.


Present:-In the Chair Cllr R. Brixton,  Cllrs W. Crampin, A. Tulloch, P. Grainger, I. Whelpton

In Attendance Mrs L. Underwood (Clerk)                       

1. Apologies

                        Cllrs Mrs Hargreaves & Mrs. Spink 

2. Declarations of interest

                        None declared 

3. Play Area Hedge

                        Cllr Crampin had got a quote from B. Mumby for cutting the hedge on two sides and clearing the undergrowth £300.00 and removal and burning £480.00   However there is only a one week window to work in. Also NLC advise that we are not allowed to burn on site as it is classed as commercial waste.

A long discussion ensued as to how we proceed. Cllr Tulloch proposed, in view of the timescale that we defer until next year, Cllr Whelpton seconded this and the council voted unanimously to defer. Further enquiries will be made, and more quotes sought. Cllr Grainger will contact a couple of tree surgeons for non committal quotes, he also felt we could explore NLC’s answer regarding burning and ask our ward Cllr for advice.

Thanks were extended to Cllr Crampin for all the time and effort he had put into the issue. 

4. Finance

                        Audit commission £57.50

A.     James grass cutting £105.00

Thornton Hunt Inn hire of room £10.00

It was agreed cheques be signed for the above amounts 

5. Any other urgent business

                        The chevron at Thornton Abbey bend has been partially knocked over the clerk will inform NLC. 

The meeting was then declared closed.